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We are absolutely stoked to announce that we have an Endo Restorative Course for GDPs & Specialists, that has been accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh making it the only course in India to have such a recognition. 

As we are working on putting the fine details for this ER MasterclassED together, please SUBSCRIBE to The Endo Restorative Course at the bottom of this page.


Previous Courses

The Endo Restorative Course is an evidence based program, designed for clinicians to delve into comprehensive and multidisciplinary approaches to endodontic treatments and restorations of endodontically treated teeth using the latest peer reviewed literature in ways that would be clinically relevant, teachable, feasible and reproducible with the advancements in technology at the standards recommended by the European Society of Endodontology

Previous Courses

Ammar lectures at Liverpool & Leeds Dental School, King's College London, Peninsula & UCLAN, as well as runs various private & deanery-run endodontic programs teaching principles & advanced endodontic courses in the United Kingdom.

Shaurya is a Keynote Speaker for Septodont in India & speaks about evidence-based treatments and outcomes using Tri-Calcium Silicate Materials ie Biodentine & BioRoot RCS. He also speaks nationally on Post Graduate Endodontics programs, as well as internationally on the Use of CBCTs in Endodontics and other topics, which have an impact on the outcome of Endodontic Treatments.

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